Officer’s Schedule

Sl.No Name Designation Officer’s Schedule
1. Sri.N.Jayaram Chief Executive Officer & Executive Member CEO Schedule
2. Sri.T.R.Swamy Chief Development Officer & Chief Engineer CDO Schedule
3. Sri.Ashok.R.Manami General Manager GM Schedule
4. Sri.S.N.Balachandra Special Deputy Commissioner SDC Schedule
5. Sri.Mahesh.B Secretary 1 Secretary 1 Schedule
6. Sri.C.V.Srinivas Secretary 2 Secretary 2 Schedule
7. Sri.C.T.MudduKumar Secretary 3 Secretary 3 Schedule
8. Sri.H.B.Mosalgi Controller of Finance COF Schedule
9. Sri.C.V.Srinivas Joint Director Town & Country Planning JDTP Schedule
10. Sri.K.M.Suresh Kumar Assistant Commissioner A.C Schedule
11. Sri.Devraj Yadav Joint Director(I.T) IT cell head Schedule
12. Smt.Jamuna.D.D Technical Officer(I.T) Technical Officer Schedule
13. Sri.J.S.Subbramaiah Account Officer A.O Schedule
14. Sri.Syed Shafiqur Rehman Technical Assistant-1 to Chief Development Officer Technical Assistant -1 Schedule
15. Sri.K.L.Chandra Kumar Technical Assistant-2 to Chief Development Officer Technical Assistant -2 Schedule
16. Sri.V.H.Mahesh Assistant Secretary-2 Assistant Secretary Schedule
17. Sri.D.C.Srinivas Assistant Secretary-4 Assistant Secretary Schedule
18. Sri.K.P.Vijaya Kumar Assistant Secretary-3 Assistant Secretary Schedule
19. Smt.Poornima.P.V Special Land Acquisition Officer-2 SLAO-2 Schedule
20. Sri.N.S.Neginal Legal Advisor- Acquisition LA Schedule
21. Sri.H.V.Omkaramurthy Development Officer, KUM DO Schedule
22. kum.Sushmitha.G GIS Engineer GIS Schedule