I. Procedure for allotment of land in Industrial areas

Application forms for the allotment of land may be obtained, on payment of Rs.250/- from any of the following offices:

Address I

The Chief Executive Officer & Executive Member K.I.A.D.B., 14/3, 2nd Floor, Rashtrothana Parishat Buildings, (Opp. RBI) Nrupathunga Road, Bengaluru-560001.

Address II

The Joint Director, District Industries Centre, Dept. of Industries and Commerce, in the concerned district head quarters of the state.

Address III

All the Zonal Offices of K.I.A.D.B.
Prescribed application forms for allotment of land is available in the above offices. The application seeking allotment of land is to be submitted along with the following enclosures to Board or at District Industries Centres. In case of allotment of land in Bengaluru District, application may be submitted at the Head Office, Bengaluru.

  • A detailed project report.
  • Details of constitution of the proposed unit.
  • Provisional Registration Certificate issued by Department of Industries & Commerce.
  • Plan showing the proposed utilization of land.
  • Earnest Money Deposit of Rs.500/- per acre or any part thereof subject to a maximum of Rs.10,000/-
  • Approvals from statutory bodies/authorities such as SHLCC/SLSWCC/DLSWCC as applicable.
Allotment Committee Chaired by the Chief Executive Officer & Executive Member, KIADB To allot land up to 1.00 acre in Bengaluru Urban District and 2.00 acres in Bengaluru Rural District for MSME Industries in all the sectors with the investment upto Rs.3.00 crores.
District Level Single Window Clearance Committee chaired by the Deputy Commissioner of the concerned District To examine and consider the proposals received from MSME entrepreneurs relating to industrial projects to be set up in the respective Districts with the investment upto Rs.3.00 crores.
State Level Single Window Clearance Committee (SLSWCC) chaired by the Hon’ble Minister for Large and Medium industries, Government of Karnataka To examine and consider the proposals received from the entrepreneurs relating to the industrial and other projects to be set up in the State with an investment of more than Rs.3.00 crores and less than Rs.50.00 crores.
State High Level Clearance Committee (SHLCC) chaired by Hon’ble Chief Minister, Government of Karnataka To examine and consider the proposals received from the entrepreneur relating to the industrial and other projects to be set up in the State, with an investment of above Rs.50.00 crores.

After the clearance of the proposed project, by the competent Committee/Agency, application for allotment of land is to be filed at the Head Office of KIADB at Bengaluru (in case of allotment of land in Bengaluru Urban, Bengaluru Rural and Ramanagaram Districts) or at the concerned Zonal office depending upon the location of Industrial Areas.
For further details refer Karnataka New Industrial Policy 2009-2014


I. Industrial Areas in Bengaluru Urban & Rural Districts, Ramanagaram, Kolar, Tumkur, Mysore, Hassan, Dharwad and Dakshina Kannada Districts.

a.20% cost of the land with application.

b.80% cost of the land to be paid within 6 months from the date of issue of allotment letter.

II. Industrial Areas located in other Districts:

a.5% cost of the land along with the application.

b.95% cost of the land within 6 months from the date of issue of allotment letter.

On receipt of the total cost of land as above, allotment of land will be confirmed and possession of the allotted land will be handed over. The land will be allotted on Lease-cum-sale basis fixing the lease period of ten years. The lease will be converted into sale on fulfilment of terms & conditions of the Lease-cum-sale agreement and as per Rules in force.


a. For taking possession of land One month from the date of issue of confirmatory letter of allotment.
b. For the execution of Lease-cum- Sale Agreement 30 days from the date of receipt of Possession Certificate.
c. For getting the Board’s approval of Building drawings One month from the date of execution of Lease Agreement.
d. For the completion of construction of factory building, erection of machinery and commencement of production 24 months form the date of taking possession of land.

II. Procedure for approval of Building Plans of Industrial Units.

  • Building plans drawn as per regulations in Table-I by certified architects/engineers is to be submitted in four copies to the concerned Development Officers at the respective zonal offices.
  • Enclose a copy of lease-cum-sale agreement or sale deed as the case may be.
  • Pay Building plan fees as per Table-II in the form of Demand Draft/Bankers Cheque/ Pay Order.

Table-I : Building Schedule.

A) ZONE-I- Industrial (General)

Sl.No. Size of the Plot (in sq.mtrs) Ground Coverage FAR Set backs(M)
Front Rear and sides
1 Up to 500 75 % 1.50 4.50 4.50
2 Above 500 up to 1000 60 % 1.25 4.50 4.50
3 Above 1000 up to 3000 50 % 1.00 6.00 6.00
4 Above 3000 45 % 1.00 10.00 8.00

B) Zone-I (H)- Industrial (Hi-Tech)

This Zone is a priority area for establishment of activities associated with IT, BT, Electronics, Telecom, etc.

Sl.No. Size of the Plot (in sq.mtrs) Ground Coverage FAR Road width (M) Set backs(M)
Front Rear and sides
1 Up to 1000 55 % 2.00 Up to 12 4.50 4.50
2 Above 1000 up to 2000 50 % 2.25 Above 12 up to 18 6.00 6.00
3 Above 2000 up to 4000 50 % 2.50 Above 18 up to 24 10.00 8.00
4 Above 4000 up to 6000 45 % 3.00 Above 24 up to 30 12.00 10.00
5 Above 6000 45 % 3.25 Above 30 16.00 12.00

C) Parking Norms for Industrial Buildings:

  • One Car parking of 2.50 m x5.50 m each shall be provided for every 100 sq. mtr of floor area plus 1 lorry space measuring 3.5m x 7.5 m for every 1000 sq. mtr or part thereof.
  • In case of High-Tech Industrial Zones, the industries shall compulsorily provide basement/multistoried parking.

Table-II : Fee Structure.

Sl.No. Plot Areain acres Enhanced rate approved
Bangalore (Rural/ Urban) Mysore & Mangalore. Dist. Other Dist.
1. 0 to 1 50% of the fee prevailing
in bmp/bda, i.e. at
rs.5/- per sq. mtr.
2. 1 to 2 3,000=00
3. 2 to 3 6,000=00
4. 3 to 4 7,000=00
5. 4 to 5 10,00000
6 5 to 10 15,0000
7. 10 to 20 30,000=00
8. 20 and bove 50,000=00

III. Procedure to be followed for obtaining water supply connection.

  • A requisition indicating monthly requirement of water is to be made to concerned Deputy Development Officer at respective service locations.
  • On receipt of the requisition, the allottees will be informed of the amount payable by them towards Earnest Money Deposit and Road Cutting charges.
  • EMD payable will be calculated on the cost of estimated consumption of water for three months.
  • After the payment of EMD & Road Cutting charges allottee has to execute an agreement with board on a non-judicial stamp paper of Value of Rs. 100/- (as per proforma provided).
  • On complying as above a work order will be issued to the allotee.
  • Allottee shall execute the work of drawing water line and procure certified water meter for installation at their cost.
  • Charges of water are as following:
  • In industrial areas of Bangalore District: Rs. 25/- per kiloliters and wherever water is sourced from Cauvery water supply scheme charges are at Rs. 70/- per kilo liters.
  • In industrial areas other than Bangalore District: Rs. 10/- per kiloliters

lV. Procedure For issue of Duplicate Possession Certificate.

  • A requisition to concerned Assistant Secretary at respective service locations by allottee indicating the reason for request.
  • Copy of the complaint lodged with Police authorities in case of losing/theft etc.,
  • Copy of the public notification made if any.
  • An affidavit on non judicial stamp paper of the value of Rs. 100/- indemnifying board, affirming the need of duplicate certificate and cause of losing the original.
  • An amount of Rs. 2,000/- is to be paid as fees.
  • On receipt of the above request will be complied.

V. Procedure For Endorsement/Amendments to Possession Certificate.

Subsequent to approval of change in constitution/name/transfer of allotment etc. such changes are to be incorporated in Possession Certificate to complete the process. An amount of Rs. 2,000/- is levied for endorsement /amendment of Possession Certificate.

VI. Procedure for issue of NOC for obtaining Power Supply & payment of prorata power charges.

  • End users need not seek “No Objection Certificate” for obtaining power supply from KIADB as per the regulations of KERC.
  • Consequent to the amendments in power supply regulations by KPTCL, layout developing authorities/ end users are required to provide infrastructure for power distribution. Hence for the industrial areas where power distribution costing was not included in the pricing, allotees are required to pay the prorata power charges.
  • Following are name of IA’s where these charges are collected:
  1. Bangarpet IA in Kolar Dist.
  2. Chickballapur IA in Chickballapur Dist.
  3. Kelkote IA in Chitradurga Dist.
  4. Shivalli IA in Udupi Dist.
  5. Belur IA & Tarihal IA in Dharwad Dist.
  6. Shirwad IA in Uttara Kannada Dist.
  7. Yadgir IA Yadgir Dist.
  8. Kapnoor 2nd Stage in Gulbarga Dist.
  • Following is the procedures for payment of prorata power charges to board.
  1. An application indicating the required quantity of power is to be made to concerned Development Officer at respective service locations.
  2. A copy of Possession Certificate is to be enclosed with application.
  3. On receipt of the above prorata power charges will be calculated and informed to allotee.

VII. Procedure for issue of NOC for Mortgage of Property.

  • A request from the allottee for issue of “No Objection Certificate” indicating name of financial institution & address in whose favor the certificate is required.
  • In case of second mortgage/charge of the property the request should accompany the clearance /acceptance letter from the institution holding first charge.

VIII. Procedure for acquisition of lands for Single Unit Complex (SUC):

  • Identification of the lands by the promoters for their proposed projects in tune with the Govt. guidelines..
  • Approval of the projects by the competent authority – State High Level Clearance Committee (SHLCC) / State Level Single Window Clearance Committee ( SLSWCC)
  • Filing the application to KIADB along with the required documents and also the details of the lands.
  • Promoters to obtain 70% consent from the land owners/farmers before initiating the acquisition proceedings.
  • Promoters to execute an agreement with KIADB regarding schedule of the payment of land cost.
  • Promoters to deposit 40% of the tentative land cost along with the Board Service Charges before submission of draft preliminary notifications to the Govt.
  • Publication of Preliminary Notifications under Sec. 3(1), 1(3) and 28(1) of the KIAD Act, 1966 in the Karnataka Gazette.
  • Issue of Notices to the land owners under Sec. 28(2) of the Act for filing the objections, if any within 30 days from the date of serving of the notices.
  • Hearing of the objections and passing the orders under Sec.28(3) by the Special Land Acquisition Officers.
  • Joint Measurement of the lands and preparation of the Draft Final Notification under Sec. 28(4) of the KIAD Act, 1966.
  • Promoters to deposit balance 60% of the tentative land cost before submission of draft final notification to the Govt.
  • After publication of the final notification, land vests with the Govt free from all encumbrances under Sec. 28(5) of the Act.
  • Issue of Notices to the erstwhile land owners under Sec. – 28(6) of the Act, to surrender / deliver the possession of lands within 30 days from the date of serving the notices.
  • If any person refuses or fails to hand over the possession of lands, the State Govt. may take the possession of lands under Sec. 28(7) of the Act.
  • Transfer of lands to the KIADB under Sec. 28(8) of the Act.
  • Compensation payable to the lands acquired will be fixed by the Price Advisory Committee under the Chairmanship of the Deputy Commissioners of the respective districts through agreement under Sec. 29(2) of the Act.
  • If the erstwhile land owners are not agreeable for the agreement rates, awards will be passed under Sec.11 of the Land Acquisition Act, 1894.
  • Payment of compensation to the erstwhile land owners.
  • Compensation for the Malkies & Structures existing on the lands acquired will be paid as per the valuation made by the concerned Depts.
  • Promoters to remit the difference in cost of land, value of malkies & structures together with the Board Service Charges.
  • Issue of allotment letter, possession certificate and execution of lease cum sale agreement with the lease period of 10 years.
  • Promoters to implement the project within 24 months from the date of taking the possession of land.
  • On implementation of the project and proper tilization of land, lease hold rights will be converted into free hold rights.
  • Besides, the Board is also allotting the lands in the Industrial Areas, to the companies for establishing their proposed projects.